February 14, 2015: Arriving in Texas

Today is my niece Madeline’s fifteen birthday!

We got up this morning at the EconoLodge south of Louisville, Kentucky.  Dominica had wanted to be up at eight thirty but it was nine thirty when we woke up.  But I am sure that we needed the sleep and it was probably a very good thing that we slept in as much as we did because we were now well rested and ready to really drive today.

We got on the road before ten and had a good day of driving.  There was no snow or rain all day and the roads were clear.  It was around forty degrees when we left the hotel but was into the sixties once we got into the deeper south.

We finished reading “Eldest”, which Dominica has read before but long ago and which I had not yet read, and then starting reading Sue Grafton’s “V is for Vengeance” which I have been waiting probably two years to have a chance to read.

Our drive went well.  Nothing really to note.  At one point I pulled off of the road to get dinner at a Taco Bell.  Just as I did that, Dominica said “I want Taco Bell!”  We had not coordinated at all.  We’ve not had Taco Bell for weeks and have only had it a few times this year.  How weird that we wanted it at the exact same moment!

It was thirteen past midnight when we pulled into Joe’s driveway.  We did not move our stuff in tonight but just the essentials as if we were in a hotel.  The girls were all still awake for Madeline’s slumber party but were all camped out in Cinema Joe watching Supernatural.  I had a few drinks with Joe and Bennie that Joe made for us in Joe’s Tavern which has been completed since we were last here.

We were pretty exhausted and were off to bed around three in the morning.