February 28, 2015: Tavern Day

Dominica pushed me out of bed this morning around six.  So I just got up at that point.  No reason to just stay in bed if I was not going to sleep.  I was pretty awake at that point so it really didn’t matter.

Dominica was up around seven.  She went downstairs and made herself coffee.

Francesca and the little kids came over just before ten so that she, Dominica and Brittany could begin work on their t-shirt assembly line getting their custom shirts made for their upcoming trip to Walt Disney World.

It is still cold here, much colder than normal.  There is still ice going on up in Dallas.  Nothing like that here, but you still need a jacket to be outside which is much colder than normal.

Dominica sent me out to Staples to get ink for their assembly line.  $200 of Epson ink.  Ugh.  I grabbed Sonic on the way home for my lunch.

They managed to finish the shirts today.  That was a big project.

Joe and Bennie were in the tavern most of the day.  The clear coat has been applied to everything in there now so it really looks like a finished pub.  There is Blue Moon on tap now too, just tapped yesterday.

I had to drive the guys to the sports store to get new darts as they have the dart board set up in the tavern now.  While I was there Dominica had me do some shopping for my sneakers.   I managed to find some Sketchers that I really like, they only barely look like sneakers.  Much less “athletic” and more casual sneakers.  This is my first pair with memory foam in them.  I am interested to see how well that works.

We had a big dinner this evening that the girls cooked.  Joe and I spent the evening bartending.  Everyone loves having the bar in the house.  It fits about six to eight people comfortably drinking too.  It is less “completely” as a bar than our bar in Dallas but more contained (it is its own room with closing doors) and can seat more.  We could only seat four and always treated it as a place to stand.  This is a full bar with bottom rail and seating for a lot of people.

After dinner everyone started leaving in little groups.  We ended up just putting on YouTube and watching Fail Army and Honest Trailers.