March 17, 2015: Amazon Day

Only three days left!  Wow is time running out!  Today I did my inventory of everything that I think that I am going to need before heading away from Texas.  So I did an emergency order via Amazon to get stocked up on a lot of stuff – mostly GoPro supplies.  I placed a pretty huge order that will arrive tomorrow.   Hopefully I have figured out everything that we are going to need.  The one thing that I got but was not able to get all of the parts for was the Steadicam.  Everyone is out of stock of the counterbalance needed for that to really work so I am out of luck there.  I got the Steadicam but without the counterbalance.  Not sure what I am going to do – maybe just save it for the next trip and do without it this time.  It is, after all, just one more thing to have to deal with on a trip that is already extremely busy.  Maybe it is just one thing too many.  It will be ready for me when we get back.

Slow day at work, most days are right now.  Everyone knows not to load me up with stuff because I am going to be traveling all weekend and I just have a lot going on at the moment.  Next week I’ll be getting settled into Spain and dealing with the teams locally in Europe so I will have all new challenges then.

Today my big thing was researching Redis.  I have been doing a lot of that.  Mostly research, teaching myself about it and building a test cluster that I can mess with on CloudatCost.

This evening, after work, I ran to Taco Bell to pick up dinner for myself and watched M*A*S*H in the living room with the dogs while I ate.  I am into the second season now.