March 3, 2015: Overnight

I have today “off” because I am going to be working all night tonight.  So no need to work during the day.

Luciana came and got us up at eight thirty.  I went and got her her chocolate milk and Dominica got up.  I told Dominica that I was going to go back to bed.  She got up and went and read the books that she has been reading obsessively since yesterday.  I got back into bed and Luciana climbed in with me and snuggled, falling asleep almost instantly.  The dogs climbed into bed with us two.

Luciana and I managed to nap for another two hours so that we did not get up until ten thirty. That will help me a lot tonight as I am going to be pretty tired working all night no matter what.  And it was nice getting time to snuggle with Luciana.  She was very happy that we got a chance to nap.

Shortly after we got up, Dominica had to go pick up Garrett and take him to the pharmacy to get some medicine and brought him back to the house. He has strep throat and feels fine but can’t be in school.  So he was at the house playing with the girls all day.  They were pretty loud all day, but thankfully I did not have to work all day.

Dominica spent most of the day reading in the living room.  I spent most of the day getting caught up in stuff that I needed to do.  I got a chance to talk to Andy on the phone for two hours early this evening.

Dominica and Liesl did do school today, which was good, although there were a lot of distractions so they did not get very much done.  But at least they were able to do it.

This evening, after Garrett had gone home, Dominica and I took a small break and relaxed watching a few episodes of the second season of Father Ted and got Taco Bell to eat for dinner.

My work for the evening started at nine o’clock, so our evening was very short.  But I was not too tired heading into the long evening.  I made myself some tea and got to work.

It was moderately solid work heading up towards midnight when Dominica went to bed.  I will likely be still working when she gets up in the morning.