March 4, 2015: Overnight Work

This morning is my overnight shift from yesterday.  So I was three hours into work when midnight rolled around.  Most of our work was done around three in the morning so it got mostly relaxing after that point.

Work went until just after six and I got myself off to bed at seven this morning.  I actually was not all that tired, although later today will be tough.

I slept from seven until about half past noon.  Not a lot of sleep, but enough to get me through the shorter day.  It would figure that the week in which I lose a night’s sleep would also me the week that has daylight savings time in it so there is an hour to be lost this coming weekend too.  Oh how I hate DST.

Did pretty much nothing today, after I got up.  Did some light work, but only light.  Kept an eye on things when I could.  We had no plans at all today because we didn’t know if I would be available at all or not.

So just a quiet evening at the Toccos’ house.  I did not get to bed super early tonight, my schedule is all messed up these days.  It is going to take a while to get my body back into a normal rhythm and if I managed to do that before we go to Europe it is just going to get all messed up again as soon as we get there.