March 6, 2015: The Girls Drive to Horse Camp

It’s Friday!  I slept in as much as I could, trying to catch up on my sleep.  I’m not doing too badly, but am a little bit behind.  Not a big deal.  Sadly it is the short weekend for Daylight Savings Time so this will not be the ideal weekend for going into it on the tired side.

Today was super, ultra slow at work.  So much so that it felt like work more or less didn’t happen.  So I got to relax for a bit, which was very nice.

We just relaxed around the house this evening.  In the middle of the afternoon, Dominica and Francesca drove the older girls, Madeline and Emily, out to some horse camp for the weekend which took them all evening.  They were gone for five or six hours, not getting back until around nine this evening.

Bennie hung out at the house with Joe.  I worked most of the evening but hung out with them a little.

Dominica was feeling under the weather still today.  So it was straight to bed once she was home.