March 9, 2015: Dominica Starts Packing

Back to work today.  It’s Monday of my last week with the family in America.  They are leaving for vacation on Friday afternoon.  So only four and a half days left with them.

I was feeling better this morning.  After my extra nap yesterday I was all back to normal.

I worked a normal day today.  The girls mostly just played.  This afternoon Dominica began the long task of packing her and the girls up for Florida but, more importantly, packing us all up for Europe!  It is pretty hard to believe that we are already to the point that we are getting the luggage ready for our big move.

There has been, up until now and even still now, a bit of a feeling like things were not really happening.  Spain was exciting and there is a certainly reality that you feel when the money starts coming out of your accounts but there is also a constant feeling of “that’s a long way off” enough that it often does not seem all that real.  Even now that we are packing, it only marginally seems real.  Only eleven days until I fly out of Texas to head to Florida and on to Europe! I can’t believe it.  We have been trying to make this happen for so long it is really hard to accept that it is actually in progress.

She did a lot of packing tonight.  There is a lot to do.  And tomorrow she has to pack the car with all of this stuff.

Watched That 70s Show in our bedroom while packing was going on.  Brought the MacBook Pro in there and set it up so that we could watch things on that.