April 27, 2015: Liesl Hurts Her Neck

Got up at seven this morning and spent much of the morning on the laptop up in the kitchen getting finally caught back up on SGL.  Lots of updates to get posted today.  Dominica got up around nine and Luciana shortly thereafter.  Liesl slept until the afternoon!

It is bright and sunny today, still chilly, and very windy.  Dominica was getting desperate to have a chance to do laundry so even with the high winds she decided that she had to take the opportunity and give it a try.  At least, in theory, the clothes will dry quickly with all of the wind.  Hopefully no rain comes, there are clouds that look a little ominous but mostly it looks like it will stay sunny.

We have more than one thousand pictures posted to Flickr now from our time in Spain.  I spent a lot of time this morning uploading images from my iPhone so that I could clear that down as it was storing a lot of pictures.  I am nearing twelve thousand pictures on my Flickr account.

Today was a very slow day for us.  We just stayed in and kept things very relaxed.

This afternoon, while just sitting at the kitchen table, Liesl did something and really hurt her neck.  It was very sudden.  She was fine and the next moment her neck was in real pain.  It seemed to just be muscle pain so we gave her Ibuprofen and hoped for the best.  We are guessing that a good night of sleep might be all that she needs.

We got to bed on the early side tonight.  After a while Liesl came downstairs after Luciana had fallen asleep and crawled into bed with us because she was having problems sleeping.  She fell right asleep.