July 11, 2015: Weekend in San Bruno

Got to sleep in and relax this morning.  Nothing to do and nowhere to go.  Jeff cooked up breakfast which included eggs and vanilla pancakes.  It was really good.  Pretty much all of us in the house decided that today was primarily a relaxing video game day.  Jeff and his brother took the “man cave” room with Jeff playing The Witcher 3 in 3D and Josh playing Fallout: New Vegas. Sarah spent much of the day playing Dragon Age: Inquisition in the living room.  For me it was Broken Sword: Shadow of the Templars on the MacBook.

It was a nice day to relax and not have anything to really do.  I enjoyed having some serious downtime.

Jeff’s friend Eric came over this evening and hung out for a while.  The four of us, Jeff, Josh, Eric and I, went to Shari’s for dinner. Sarah had a party to go to so had left us home alone.