July 13, 2015: Last Week in San Francisco

Woke up at seven, which is amazing considering how late I have been up the last few nights.  I did not go to bed last night until the current status of the Greek Crisis had been resolved.  I was awake nearly as long as the people in Brussels trying to work out a deal.  They did a twenty hour day trying to figure that all out.  What a crazy night that was.

Sarah drove me to the San Bruno BART station at a quarter after nine and I made good time getting to Sixteenth and Mission.  It was too late to make it in for my morning meeting but I was in shortly thereafter.  I grabbed McDonald’s on the walk in, mostly for the iced coffee.  It is not too hot here in San Francisco but it is always sunny and humid in this part of the city and it makes it pretty warn for the walk in.  And the air conditioning in the office does not work properly, there is not enough power in the building to handle all of the computers, lights and the air conditioning at the same time and it goes out on a regular basis making it pretty warm in there.

It is a Monday and the start of my final four days here in California.  I am really missing my girls and cannot wait to get back to Texas to see them.  I will see them on Friday afternoon.  Not too much longer.

Jeff stayed home today, his last full day to get to see his brother before he heads back down south to LA.

I worked pretty late, going until about seven thirty before leaving the office to walk back to the BART station to catch the train back to San Bruno.  I was so late that everyone had already eaten before I had even left but there was coconut shrimp waiting for me at the house when I returned.

Josh and I went out this evening and picked up some hard cider, gin and bourbon and some chips and dip.  We set up Father Ted at the house and watched three episodes before everyone went to bed.