July 14, 2015: Checking Out 3D Gaming

Jeff and I were getting ready to head into the office this morning when he hurt his back and had to stay home. So Sarah drove me to the BART station and I took the metro into the city and walked to the office from Sixteenth and Mission.  The walk, according to Google Maps, is one mile on the nose.  There is a bit of a hill in the middle of it, though, so you get to walk up and down in each direction.  So I am doing about two miles per day on my commute.

Sarah had grabbed McDonald’s for every one before taking me in so I did not need lunch in the office.  Josh heads out today.

We had a good day in the office.  Things were mostly quiet.  We were able to actually do planning and discuss things that we want to do as a team for a change.

I worked late again.   I got back to San Bruno around eight thirty.  Sarah picked me up and we went to Shari’s and picked up dinner.  I was good and got a grilled salmon salad.

I watched Jeff play The Witcher 3 in full 3D in his man cave tonight.  He is still in a lot of pain and has to stay in a good chair with a heating pad on his back.  The game is really incredible, I own the first two games in the series and am really looking forward to playing them now.  In full 3D it is really amazing.  Now I want to get a 3D gaming system as that really looks like a great way to do it.

I did not stay up late tonight, was rather tired.  Watched a little bit of Sarah playing Dragon Age: Inquisition, which is not in full 3D (it is just on a PlayStation 4) and so my eyes were able to take a bit more of it.  The 3D is really cool but the combination of the glasses, the really warm room and the very deep 3D with things making your eyes refocus continuously is a bit much for me for any length of time.