July 16, 2015: Last Day in San Francisco

This is it, my final day in San Francisco.  Tomorrow morning I am heading off early to get back to Texas and see my family.  And nine days from now we will be in Panama.  I woke up this morning at six thirty and was so excited that I fell right back asleep until after eight.

Sarah was out picking up breakfast from McDonald’s when I got up so breakfast arrived just after I got up.  Then we got ready and she drove Jeff and I into the office.  That’s much faster than taking the train in, but I miss my two miles of exercise which is probably pretty needed.

For lunch today the team went to Dos Piñas.  I got the amazing fish and chips burrito again.  This is my last chance to get one so I splurged.

This evening we left work around five, got to the house, then Doug came over.  He was announcing that was done with his current job in about a week and was kicking around ideas for the future.

The four of us went out to dinner at Red Lobster nearby.  Then we all called it an early night.  I packed up before going to bed and got into bed around eleven.

I get to see my family tomorrow!