July 19, 2015: Last Weekend Day in Texas

This morning Liesl wanted to play video games so we got up and she played games all morning.  She played several different games including some new ones that we had just found for her like Toki Tori 2+.  She is getting really good at games.  She is farther in Dust than I am!  She is really loving that we have the nice joypad now as it makes it far easier for her to do things.  She can pretty much just pick up a new game and start playing as long as it has joypad support.

I watched the girls at the house this morning and Dominica and Francesca went out and spent the day shopping.  I meant to do a lot of work today but was feeling very worn out and decided that it was Sunday and I needed to relax as this is our last weekend day that we have at “home” in any sort of way.

They managed to find lots of “new” clothes for us.  We need a lot of summer clothes for the trip to Panama.  It is going to be really hot, all of the time.  No breaks from it so we need to be prepared.  Going in the heavy jeans that I normally wear is going to be a really bad idea.

This evening, for a few hours, I played Broken Sword: The Shadow of the Templars and managed to go from 31% done to 62% done.  That was a big chunk of the game.  I really want to beat this game between now and when we leave for Panama but it seems like that might be asking a bit too much.  I am not sure that there is going to be enough time for that.  It would be nice to knock it out, though.