July 30, 2015: Food Rationing

Our first Thursday in Panama.  Things are still going well.  The idea that we are still stranded here in the house has set in a bit.  We cannot really go out and go anywhere, not that we had had any plans to previously, but lacking the option is a bit limiting and the relative inability to do more or less normal things like go to a restaurant might wind up being annoying after some time.  This forced isolation is good for relaxing, though, and it is also good for our diets as there is really nothing to do except to eat the healthy food that we bought at the grocery store already and to eat it only in limited quantities because if we are not careful we will run out of it very quickly.  At this point we are more than halfway through all of our cereal already and almost two thirds of the way through our milk and we have made quite the dent in our first bag of Panamanian coffee.  The girls are rapidly depleting us of all of their favourite foods like white string cheese.  And they pick and choose things like just certain yoghurts which we are already out of.  For some reason the girls have been eating voraciously and we are going through their food items at a reckless pace.

It was overcast and mostly windy today.  I have been sitting way too much for way too long and decided to spend the day standing and working in the kitchen instead of going outside.  It is really loud outside too with the air conditioning units right there on the balcony.  When they are running, which is pretty much all of the time, it gets really loud.

Not much to say about today.  Still no rain came.  I did go outside to take out the trash, our first time doing that, and I felt a drop or two, like drizzly drops, while doing so but no actual raid or even a noticeable drizzle ever actually happened which continues to be a disappointment.  I love the rain in general and have been looking forward to experiencing the winter or rainy season here in Panama.  We can see rain happening all around us all of the time but right where we are gets bypassed time and again.

Paul and Bob flew in from the States today arriving in Panama City this evening.  They are spending tonight and tomorrow in Panama City and will be out here in Playa Blanca come Saturday morning.  I believe that we are heading up to El Valle at that point but am not sure of the plans.  It is going to be a busy week.