June 9, 2015: Back to the US and Work

Today was a very busy work day for me.  Figures that we finally get back to the US and it ends up being super busy.  I am working from the kitchen at Dominica’s parents’ house which makes things really hard as there is a lot of noise, constant interruptions and the space is just not very comfortable.  But after the time in Spain, I am used to working at kitchen tables.

I am finally down to the very last scenario is Tropico 4 and took a run at it today.  But after playing right up to the very end of it, I ended up losing.  The final scenario is the hardest one but quite some margin.  I am going to have to try pretty hard on another run at it.

It turned into a very long day with me working through much of the night tonight on a four hour long conference call with the office.