August 26, 2015: Late Night at Work

It is Wednesday today and we are nearly done with our time in Panamá.  Only tomorrow left to go and then we head for Panama City and the airport and we are on our way back to the U.S.A. for a few weeks.  We are sad to be leaving Panamá, we do not feel at all that we got enough time here either to relax and just soak it in or to get out and explore the region but we knew going into it that this was our first trip to Central America and that it was going to be a quick one just fitting in between other things that we had scheduled.  It is what it is and we are very glad that we at least had the chance to check out Panamá and Central America and we are quite excited that we are heading to Nicaragua in a month and will get to be spending at least twice as long there as we got to be here (arriving in September and staying until December.)

We are attempting to eat all of the food that we have stockpiled in the house.  Dominica has been making breakfast burritos many mornings.  They are great, especially with the local Panamanian habañero sauce.

Dominica took the girls down to the pool today.  They had a nice, long swim today.  Liesl is getting so good at swimming.  She has not used her floatation devices in a while and is getting to the point that she can swim all over on her own.

Today ended up being a super busy one at work and I worked until around midnight.  It was an exhausting day but we got a lot accomplished.