August 27, 2015: No Internet

Today is our last full day in Rio Hato.  I was up early this morning, around seven, and found that our Internet access had been cut off.  I am getting an account issue with the ISP.  It turned of at 5am.  I could tell because I had left open a Steam chat window with Rachel last night and it said when the Internet went down.

So, no means of working today.  No Internet and my phone is gone!  What a day.  We tried all day, the apartment owners had people come over several times to look at the equipment because he didn’t believe us that the service was down.  It was kind of a rough day.

The upside was that it was a little easier to get packing done today and I got a chance to play some video games.  My first game of the day was Moebius: Empire Rising which I was able to sit down and play through, completing it, which was really nice.  I thought that that game was going to last me for quite a long time.  It was a lot of fun to be able to focus on it and really play through it.

After Moebius, I played through the intro of Cognition which is made by much of the same team and writers.  This looks to be another awesome game but the intro was too intense and I had to stop playing it with the girls around because they cannot watch it and as long as I am playing it they are going to try to watch it.

So after that I switched to playing Broken Sword, the same game that Dominica and I played on the Game Boy Advance back around 2002 when we were dating and had bought GBAs for each other and had that game.  We had gotten near to the end and something was wrong with the game cartridge and we were never able to actually finish the game.

I spent much of the afternoon playing the game alone at the kitchen table.  But once I was near where Dominica and I had gotten stuck so many years ago, far more than a decade ago, we hooked the laptop up to the television and the whole family gathered around for a really fun video game evening where we all played through the final hour or two of Broken Sword and actually managed to see the ending this time!

We had a good time and called it a night early.  Our travels home start tomorrow.

There was still no hint of Internet when we went to bed.