September 2, 2015: Second Core Retreat Day

Since I was late arriving in Silver Bay on Monday, today is one of my two really big days here.  Tomorrow is mostly wrap up stuff.

This morning I was struggling but was up at seven because my roommate was passed out pretty good and had set an alarm to go off at seven and had no way to shut it off so he left it going off for fifteen minutes which woke me up pretty good.  So I got started right away.

Had a good day today, but not as good as yesterday.  It was far too hot today and a lot, or basically all, of the stuff that we did today was stuff that I already knew really well. It was really a day of hitting core competencies of mine which wasn’t ideally valuable and the heat was so high that later in the afternoon I was unable to stay in the one building for a class because I was getting light headed.

Most of the evening was pretty quiet for me till we had a big sixty person party out at the boat house for much of the evening and then ended up hanging out in a boat until five in the morning.  Wild times.