September 10, 2015: Lots of Rain

Today is Thursday and I slept in rather late this morning as I was up really late last night.

It was a busy day today and I actually managed to forget to eat all day yesterday!  By the end of the day I had gone to bed forgetting about food entirely.  Need to eat tonight for sure.

Yesterday, late at night, I sent in a feature request to Amazon for the Echo that I would like to have control of the lights on it to use it as a night light.  They responded already this morning about how much they liked the idea and were passing it on to see what could be done with that.

We had a major downpour today.  It was really nice.  I’m enjoying the rain now that we are back in Texas.  Apparently rain in the rain forest where we were living this summer is less common than the name would suggest.

Luciana fell asleep, all on her own, a little after seven thirty this evening!  Talk about a quiet evening for us.  Normally she is up much later, at least now that we are here in Texas.

After she was asleep, Liesl asked for Panda Express.  So I ran out and picked up an order to go.  Liesl loves their Chow Main, it is one of her favourite meals.  Dominica and I got the shrimp, of course.

We watched Modern Family before going to bed.  We are really liking that show.