September 11, 2015: Big Decisions

It is another really rainy day here in Houston.  Pouring rain.

It is Friday and today we got the news that my job wants me to switch to living in San Francisco and working from the office.  This would mean a major change for us and a huge expense.  Moving to California isn’t cheap and working from the office means big commute times and fifty to sixty hours a week, again, in an office away from the family.

We love the job where I am now, but with this change we don’t know if it will continue to make sense.  We have a lot of thinking to do over the weekend to decide by next week if we are going to pursue the move out to the coast and a complete change of our lifestyle that we have come to love or if we are going to decide to give up the job and look for another option.

So tonight was a bit stressful and a lot of talking about options and trying to figure out what a move to California would mean or what another option would even look like.