September 3, 2015: Final Retreat Day

Today is the last day of our corporate retreat in Silver Bay, New York on Lake George.  I knew that I was getting low on sleep and so slept in more this morning than I have been.

It was another hot day today, but not as hot as it has been quite.  This week has been brutal with no air conditioning.  The heat is really wearing on me.

I skipped some of the light stuff early this morning and started the day in a security discussion and then a large group discussion on racism in America which went really well.

From there the rest of the day was really just a whirlwind.  It was all wrap up sessions that go rapidly from one to another without any breaks.  We had groups photos and close out events and all kinds of stuff.  No free time at all.

In the evening we took a two hour boat cruise, with three hundred of us, around Lake George which was nice.  There was open cocktails but the boat was too crowded and some food would have been good as it was a long day without much food.

After the cruise was the big formal gala.  It was a really nice, fancy dinner outside and thankfully things had cooled off so it was pretty pleasant.  I spent most of the dinner sitting outside talking, long presentations are not really my thing at all.  It was all very nice, though.  We had a good time.

A bit of facilities drama this evening as the YMCA confiscated all of the alcohol from everyone at the event.  Not very smooth for a professional retreat. I would avoid the YMCA in general. The facilities were interesting given that it was up in the mountains but the actual ability to hold an event for adults was lacking.  It was a bit like being teenagers at summer camp.