September 4, 2015: Travel Day

The alarm went off at eight.  Thirty minutes to get up, packed and down to the waiting bus.  Only two hours of sleep so did not want to cut it any shorter than that.  I would be too exhausted to handle the day otherwise.

It was a scramble to get ready for the bus but I made it in plenty of time.  Today is going to be a very, very long day, though.

The drive from Silver Bay to Albany was about two hours on the mini-bus. Not fun.  That’s a long bus ride normally, even worse when you’ve had zero sleep.  Jeff was on the bus with me so we got to hang out a little bit during the ride.

Once at the airport, Jeff, Jill and I hit Dunkin Donuts for some quick food as at least I had no time to eat anything before leaving Silver Bay.  Then it was through security and off on our separate ways as they were flying Delta and I was flying Southwest from a different gate (thank goodness – so glad I am not on Delta this time!!)

I had two hours to kill before my flight so I went to the one restaurant that was in the terminal and got a grilled cheese sandwich there to kill some time.  Then I just sat in the terminal until my flight, which was delayed by one minute, was ready to go.

The flight from Albany to BWI in Baltimore was super fast.  It has been a long time since I had a really short flight like that.  I forgot that these even happen.  It was well under an hour and I barely noticed that I was even on a flight.

I had a long wait, another two hours plus a little extra from a forty minute delay, in Baltimore.  I decided to get some exercise and walked around the airport on the “cardio trail” a few times putting in a few kilometers of walking with my backpack on.  Then I sat at the gate for a bit and made a friend who talked for half an hour and gave me a free drink voucher for the flight too (which I saved for another flight as I did not need a drink this time.)

Once in the air this was a much longer flight.  BWI to Hobby in Houston. I was exhausted and really, really wanted to sleep on this one.  I really had nothing to do on the flight and was too tired to try to read or anything.  I semi-napped most of the flight.  The week was starting to catch up with me.

No issues at the airport.  We arrived just a tiny bit later than originally scheduled, no big deal.  I only had to wait a little bit for Dominica and the girls to arrive to pick me up.  Liesl was awake waiting for me, Luciana had fallen asleep in the car and did not realize that I was there until we had arrived back at the Grices’ house.

Just a little relaxing this evening and then off to bed as soon as possible.  I was so tired.