October 14, 2015: Very Rainy Day in Granada

What a gorgeous morning in Granada, Nicaragua.  I woke up at five forty and hopped out of bed, took the laptop downstairs and set up on the kitchen “bar” counter standing by the pool.  There was a light but solid rain going when I got up which made it just perfect for being up so early.  Now I wished that I had gotten up even earlier so that I would not have missed any of it.  Granada is just so perfect when it is raining and this house being wide open with the central pool is just so amazing in the rain.

It rained until nearly ten o’clock this morning.  It was just awesome.  I need to get myself up early like this morning often.

Instead of sitting at the table like I have been, yesterday I started experimenting with standing on the back side of the breakfast bar with my back to the pool – where I have to be careful because if I back up I will fall right in – to see if I will feel better if I am spending my time upright, which mostly seems to be working but my feet are getting pretty soar.

By afternoon the rain was gone, the sun was out and it was quite hot.

This evening, after I was done writing for the day, I went out for a little walk around the city.  I was out for nearly two hours.  I got stopped several times by people asking me for money which made it much harder to do a good walk.  I need to avoid anything south of the cathedral, it would seem, of I am just not free to walk there, which sucks.

After I got home it started to rain, almost immediately after I got back.  I showered and then we set up the laptop up in our bedroom.  Luciana had fallen asleep while I was out for the walk.  She had been visibly quite tired today so this was good.  Liesl came over to our bedroom and we played about an hour of Back to the Future: The Game.  Sadly the game got glitchy on us and we got stuck at one point and then the game crashed!  That sucked quite a bit. We were unable to save our progress.  I am going to have to play it on my own tomorrow and see if I can’t make up the time so that we are ready for family game night again.  The game remains a lot of fun.  This is another one that I think that my dad would enjoy.  Good story, just good fun.

Liesl ended up sleeping in our room because she is snuggly and good at convincing us to just let her stay.

I talked to AJ tonight.  He is settled into Las Vegas and has a short term job lined up to start this weekend, just three days away.