October 7, 2015: Mexican Night in Granada

It is the middle of the week.  Up early as has become our custom here.  I wrote and posted for a while this morning and later in the morning I walked over to the Cafe Isabella and got take out breakfast for the family.  Dominica and I each got full Nico breakfasts which include gallo pint, scrambled eggs, toast, fried plantains and fried local cheese.  For the kids I got pancakes.  They make really thick pancakes there.

This afternoon I was on the phone for two hours in the early afternoon and then did some more writing.  Now that we are on week two in Granada I am getting far more into the groove and am doing well at getting things done.

This evening we decided to go out for dinner.  We tried to go our around seven thirty but both girls ended up needing showers, then Dominica needed one and finally I managed to get one so it was more like eight thirty when we set out to walk downtown.

We got down to the “strip” where all of the city’s restaurants are and settled on a Mexican place, Tequila Vallarta, on our end of the strip.  We sat outside as there was a nice breeze and, of course, one person after another came up trying to sell us stuff.  We are going to have to rethink sitting out on the street as nice as it is; it really pegs you as a tourist and the number of people trying to sell you you things just never lets up.  I wonder how many people avoid eating down there because of that.

We were not outside for long before it began to rain.  So we went inside to keep from getting wet.  We had bought some bracelets for the girls from a deaf guy on the street and he came inside with us to work on the bracelets for the girls for a while.

It was a bit late for having the girls out.  Liesl did great but Luciana was very grumpy and we had a hard time getting her to eat.  She did discover that she likes quesadillas, though.

On the way back home we stopped at the corner store and picked up some supplies to restock the house.