September 18, 2015: Last Day and Rainforest Cafe

This is the big day, my final day working for Change.  But that’s just a job.  In the bigger scope, this is my last day of doing normal work as most people see it.  I’m making a huge life change and we are not completely sure what that is even going to mean for us.  What all does this change, what is our day to day going to look like.  We have so much to figure out.  For the second time this year we are truly setting out on a new life adventure.

Work was pretty light, as it always is on a final day.  Because things moved so quickly we announced that I was leaving at the morning stand up meeting and it was news to a lot of people.  This all happened so quickly.

I had my exit interview and HR briefing around four and was all done by four thirty.  Done.  All over.  This is it.  No turning back now.

I told Dominica that we should take the kids to Rainforest Cafe in Galveston to celebrate.  She liked that idea and started getting them ready.

It ended up taking about two hours to get everyone ready and out the door.  So instead of being early for the dinner rush we were right in the middle of it.  Francesca decided to come along too and brought all of the kids, except for Garrett who was grounded and not allowed to come.  But Madeline and Emily both wanted to come along, apparently Rainforest Cafe is enough of a treat that it warranted the teenagers leaving the house.

Dinner was really nice, but took forever.  We probably arrived around seven and left after nine.  They were having a celebration of Brasil so I got the island special that they had with shrimp, scallops (that were truly spicy and delicious) and mango tilapia.

After dinner the whole family did the boat ride that they have there.  It is very similar to what they have in Disney World.  Really well done for a ride attached to a restaurant.  I was impressed.

It was nearly ten when we got back home and everyone is very tired.  We got the girls off to bed with their iPads.  Dominica and I went to bed pretty soon thereafter, long before eleven.  I have bad head cold that makes it hard to sleep and was so bad that I had several nose bleeds today, which is rare these days for me.  I probably haven’t had a single one in five years but had at least five of them today, one that must have lasted for twenty minutes in the middle of the afternoon.