September 19, 2015: Visiting with the Grices and Big Time Packing

This is our last free weekend, of any sort, in Texas until December. This is our window for all of the packing and all of the getting ready for travel because this coming week is SpiceWorld Austin and we will be pretty much tied up there for the entire week.  We are heading out there on Tuesday morning and will not be coming back to Houston until Saturday and then we leave for Granada, Nicaragua on Sunday.  What a crazy week!

Today was a mix of spending time with the Grice family as this is the only chance to really see them and getting things boxed because tomorrow we are getting a storage unit here in town and moving all of our stuff into that.  There is so much to do before we go to SpiceWorld.

We have been trying for months to figure out how Dominica is going to get to go to SpiceWorld or if she is just going to be staying here with the girls.  We have been searching and searching for someone to watch the girls for us while we are in Austin but we have had just zero luck finding anyone with the free time or schedule to be able to do it.  Bob found us one girl in Kansas City that was willing to do it but it was going to cost us thousands of dollars to orchestrate the whole thing which, even under the best conditions, just does not work and with the whole changing of job situations right now this would be the worst, rather than the best, time for that.

The current situation is that we are free this weekend and I have Monday and Tuesday completely off as a sort of mini-vacation.  So at least my schedule is free but there is just so much to do that it was pretty much necessary for them to be free anyway.

The kids did a lot of swimming together today at the Toccos’.  They will not be seeing each other again any amount for a few months.