September 20, 2015: New Storage Unit

The Grices are exhausted today from all of the school stuff that they had going on yesterday so we are not going to really see them at all today.  That is actually good as there is just so much for us to do to be ready for this week.

Today was the big boxing and prep day for all of our travels.  Most everything that we have has gone into boxes and this afternoon Dominica and I went down and got our Public Storage account set up and got into our new storage unit.  Dominica had been convinced that we need a five by ten or larger.  I thought that she was crazy, as did the person at Public Storage who talked us down to a five by five which, as it turns out, is way bigger than we need too, but no one makes something smaller than a five by five!

This evening I took the Acadia out to a detailing place and had it cleaned up.  That took nearly an hour and I ended up getting a decent nap while I waited.  The detailing was not cheap but what an amazing job they did!  It really looked like a new car when I got it back.  I wish that we had done this long ago, it was totally worth it.  I will do this to other cars, if I ever own one again.  The Spark does not need it yet and we don’t plan on owning that past December anyway.  Figures that I would just be figuring this out now!

Last night I finally got Dominica to start watching M*A*S*H which she has not watched since she was way too little to understand it at all.  Even now when we started watching it she was surprised to learn that it was a movie about the Korean War, not Vietnam.  She had thought that it was Vietnam all of this time.  So we made it through tons of the show this weekend.  We had it all while she was doing packing.  I had watched all of this part of the show while I was in Texas before we had gone to Panama so it was all recent “reruns” to me.