September 21, 2015: Selling the Acadia

Today is our last full day to get ready for all of our traveling that is coming up.  There was a lot of packing yesterday and just as much today.  More trips to the storage unit.  And today Dominica made the decision that we are just not going to be able to find a babysitter for Austin and so the best thing to do is for her and the girls to come out there with me, all in one car, and if she has to just stay in the hotel the entire time.  At least that way we are together and have the most options.  Anything else and she is stuck in Houston while I am in Austin and we will not have any way to let her attend the conference or anything no matter what.  So that is the plan.

I took the Acadia to Gay Family GMC today and got an offer from them for fifteen thousand to sell them the car.  Not quite as much as we had hoped but very close and considering that the tires are getting bald on it we were not going to get any better anywhere else.  So we made a deal and will be dropping it off sometime this week.  We just don’t need the Acadia anymore and it is an expense that there is no reason for us to be carrying.

By this evening the packing is coming along “well”.  There is still tons to do but we are looking more or less ready.  At least ready for Austin.

More M*A*S*H before going to bed tonight.