October 20, 2015: Discovering a New Restaurant

Today is Tuesday.  This week is pretty slow but we are planning to travel this weekend, potentially.

This morning we got Luciana set up on the HP Folio 13 to use Minecraft there.  Liesl has been using the laptop for Minecraft for a long time but it is more complicated than using an iPad.  Ciana has only been on the iPads.  Today she decided that she wanted to learn how to do it on the laptop so Liesl took breaks from school now and then to come over to the kitchen and work on teaching Ciana how to play the game on the laptop.  It was very cute all around.

This evening the entire family felt like going out and I had some ideas of places that had looked good from earlier excursions around town.  We walked downtown, through the Parque Central and to the south side and down the street there.  We looked at The Gran Francia Hotel on the corner, and it looked good, but decided to keep looking.

We ended up at La Claraboya which I had found the other night and have been telling Dominica that it looked good.  She looked at the menu, which is nearly all fish, and everyone decided that it looked good.

La Claraboya ended up being an amazing find!  We were the only ones there (one other table joined us later in the evening) and is the first air conditioned restaurant that we have experienced in Nicaragua!  What a treat.

It ended up pouring rain while we were eating dinner as well.  Perfect time to be inside, but we got to watch the storm hitting the downtown streets.

Dinner turned out to be completely amazing.  The food was all just great.  I had a shrimp on pasta with cognac sauce that was just fantastic.  This was our best restaurant experience yet in Nicaragua.  It was not cheap but it was well worth it.  All four of us loved our dinner.  The service was great too.

We will be coming back to La Claraboya again!