December 10, 2015: Plans for Europe

Thursday.  I slept a bit much last night as well. I am still making up a little bit of lost sleep.

This morning Dominica worked on getting all of our plans for our next six months in place.  We have had our apartment in Crete rented for a couple of weeks now, since we were still in Nicaragua, but we do not have our final plans for an apartment after that finalized yet and we do not have our flights yet.  We were going to buy our plane tickets while we were in Nicaragua but I had not been paid yet and we were unable to do so while we were there.  But now it is getting to be a bit of an emergency that we get it finalized so that is being worked on today.

It was very stressful as we had to deal with the bank today and remembering why we hate dealing with an incompetent small town credit union.  Between their lack of security and zero customer service and being completely stupid about not allowing us to spend enough money to do single transactions large enough to, you know, buy plane tickets they are pretty much useless!  It was a very upsetting day.  We spent the whole day waiting for the bank to release money after we went through all kinds of hoops to placate them and in the end, they just ignored us.  I’m talking about you, ESL in Rochester.  You are not impressive.  I’m very unhappy.

So we do not have our plane tickets and we are very worried that the price is going to shoot up again because of this.  Getting flights is extremely complicated as it is.  Having to do it over and over again because of pay and bank issues makes it just impossible.

We did lunch at Miss Kitty’s Seaside Cafe today.

Had a busy afternoon, on the phone for much of it.  Late this afternoon Dominica and the girls packed up and went up to Dickinson to see the girls’ cousins in the Christmas parade up there.  Dad was going to go but decided that he was not up to it and that knowing that he was going to see the band play this weekend he decided to just stay home with me this evening.  So we had a nice, quiet evening at the condo.

The girls had a great time at the parade and were very excited about the first that they had candy thrown to them.  They came home with a big bag full of candy.