December 9, 2015: Rainforest Cafe

Today is Wednesday, dad’s first full day in Galveston.  I was up nice and early around seven so I got to watch the sunrise.  I do love having an ocean view.

Dad slept in a bit, flights wear him out.  It was a quiet morning at the Miller house.  Just visiting with dad and hanging out with the girls.

This evening we went to an early dinner at the Rainforest Cafe which is just up the street.  Dad has never been to a Rainforest Cafe.

We had to make two trips to the Rainforest Cafe to be able to get everyone there in the little green car.  First I drove Dominica and the girls down there, then came back to pick up dad who was waiting out front of the condo complex.  The road by the cafe was closed for construction so we had to do some driving around to figure out how to park.

We had a really nice dinner.  The food at the Rainforest Cafe is always pretty good and the girls always have a really nice time.  They just really enjoy the whole experience.  Dad seemed to like it, too.

Dominica and I decided to get dessert while dad took the girls (or vice versa) on the dark ride that the Rainforest Cafe has in Galveston.

Dominica drove the girls home and dad and I walked back.  It was nice to get a walk after all of that food.

This evening, as it was not all that late by the time that we were home, Luciana fired up Goat Simulator on the laptop and played that for a long time.  She loves that game and wanted to show grandpa how she could play it.