December 4, 2015: Just the Four of Us

It was a gorgeous, bright day on the Galveston shore this morning.  We are in such a gorgeous spot.  I started the day off with some tea and working from the kitchen counter where I often stand with my laptop.  Today is our first day in the condo of just the four of us.

Today was a relatively slow day.  Nice and quiet here at the house.  I spent the day writing and posting, for the most part.

This evening we decided that we wanted to get dinner from Miss Kitty’s Seaside Cafe here in our condo complex.  We just wanted to eat at the condo.  So I ordered dinner and then walked over in the late evening, just before they closed, to pick it up and carry it back to the condo.

I had the popcorn shrimp salad for dinner.  It is pretty amazing.  Dominica had it the other day and it was really delicious.

Dominica and I were feeling like a movie and we settled on Cary Grant and Doris Day in That Touch of Mink which we have seen before but not for a really long time.  It’s not a bad movie.  A nice, relaxing movie to watch for the evening at home with the family.

The girls spent the evening playing Disney Princess video games on Steam.  They just love those games.