December 5, 2015: Completing Back to the Future with Liesl

Our second weekend in Texas.  This morning I drove Dominica and the girls up to League City and then drove back home so that I would have some quiet time to myself.  On the way up we stopped into Sonic which is right by us on the Galveston Seawall and picked up some breakfast to eat in the car on the way.  It was mostly for me as Dominica had eaten breakfast at the condo earlier, but I had not eaten anything yet.

My day was not a long one, I only had about four hours at the condo but it was really nice having some quiet time.  I spent most of the day managing downloads and going game by game to try to make sure that things had installed correctly and were working properly.  Many games do not work or do not work right out of the box so there is rather a big investment to be made in getting them to work well.  Especially now with the Steam Controller there is all of that effort to also get that set up to work in an optimum fashion on top of everything else.  I did not make it through even a small portion of the games that are already downloaded!  This is going to be a lot of work.

I picked up the family and we went to Waffle House on TX518 for dinner.  Everyone enjoyed that.  Our first time back at Waffle House since returning to Texas.  The girls were excited to get to eat there again.

This evening, once back at the condo, we played the fifth and final episode of Back to the Future: The Game. Liesl took the controls and both Luciana and Dominica fell asleep early.  Liesl was doing such an amazing job of reading everything and playing the game that I stayed up with her until after two in the morning but she managed to complete the episode in a final sitting!