December 6, 2015: HexCell Puzzles

Today is Sunday.  Only two days until dad comes to visit us in Texas.  The girls are very excited.

Francesca came out to Galveston this morning and we all went to the Golden Corral for breakfast.  They really have good food there and a good variety.  It is perfect for us because they have a really big variety and they have lots of items that all of us like.  The girls eat lots of different things there and it is really easy for us to deal with all of it.  We will be using them a lot from this condo.  Way to convenient not to.

After our late breakfast, Francesca, Dominica and the girls went back to League City to go shopping.  The girls got dropped off with Emily and Madeline at the Grices’ and Dominica and Francesca spent the day first shopping then wrapping.

I spent most of the day relaxing around the condo.  It is great having a mostly quiet weekend.  I got a lot more time to myself today than I did yesterday.  They all left around noon or before and I did not leave the condo to go to the Grices to pick them up until almost seven thirty.

What did I do with my new found freedom, you ask?  Well, in addition to managing the massive, ongoing Steam games download I played a few video games and spent a lot of time working on getting new games working and set up.  Then I discovered HexCells, a Minesweeper-esque puzzle series.  In almost no time I played through the first one in the series.  The I went on to play HexCell Plus but got nowhere near beating that one.

After I picked everyone up around eight we loaded up in the Spark and drove down a few exits and went to Denny’s for dinner.  Dominica and I both got veggie burgers with sweet bourbon sauce.  Liesl had mac and cheese.  Luciana was going to have cheese sticks but saw the reindeer themed pancakes and had to have those.

It was pretty late when we got home.  Dominica was falling asleep in no time.  I finally managed to get the kids off to bed around midnight.  Dominica was really tired.