December 7, 2015: Insomnia

I tried going to bed last night.  Dominica was asleep before I even started putting the kids to bed.  I was up until after midnight getting the girl off to bed.  I was in bed probably by half past midnight.  I might have slept a little but by around one thirty or maybe two at the latest I was awake and definitely not going to fall back asleep.  I tried in vain for a little while but then decided that it would be far better to just get up and actually do something rather than laying in bed getting nothing done and regretting neither getting sleep nor having done a single thing by morning.

I set up two laptops in the kitchen and got to work.  I also put on Hexcells Plus, which I had been playing yesterday too, and went back and forth between knocking out a few puzzles and getting some posting done.  It also gave me a chance to monitor our massive video game download project.  We have enough now that we could easily survive on what we have.  Now I am just rounding out the collection since we own the games.  They will be ready in case we want them.

I actually had a very productive morning.  I got a lot of things done that needed to be done and I am feeling far better about things.  It is so easy to get behind on things.

Another GOG sale today.  More games for the girls.  Their collection is getting to be intense.

Francesca was over today.  It is Monday.  Tomorrow is her last day staying with us as Dad arrives tomorrow evening.

This afternoon I hurt my heel – that issue that I have where the tendon slips out of position and does not go in the track in my heel like it is supposed to do.  Intense pain and I cannot walk on it at all.  No fun at all.  So the last half of the day I was just hopping all over the place and avoiding moving as much as possible.

I was off to bed very early this evening.  I need a lot of sleep, I am seriously exhausted.

I found a new video game today for my iPhone.  The Murder Files: Enigma Express.  It is a silly hidden object game but one that continues in the theme of the Blue Toad Murder Files game that Dominica and I liked so much on the PC.  It’s a free game and I’m kind of addicted.

Dad arrives in Houston tomorrow evening around four.