January 20, 2016: Liesl Begins Her Full School Days

Today was a rather slow day for the Miller household.  Luciana and I got to sleep in a little bit this morning, till around nine, while Dominica and Liesl were up at eight, showered, had breakfast and were starting school before nine.  Liesl is doing a full school day today: a full, structured, no time off except a thirty minute lunch, six to seven hour intense school day.

School with Liesl actually went amazingly well.  She had a great attitude all day and made it through tons and tons of stuff.  She did quite a bit of her school work with me.  It gives her a change of pace to bring her ready or word cards or whatever up to my loft office and sit with me doing them while I do some writing.  That way Dominica gets a break, too.  But Liesl and I actually enjoy doing the reading stuff together so it works out great.

Luciana did some school and spent a bunch of time with me in the office.  Luciana got in a couple of hours playing The Sims 3 while Dominica and Liesl were doing school, too.

This evening we got the girls off to bed nice and early.  Dominica and I set up the Blue Toad Murder Files and knocked out episode three.  We are now halfway done with the series.