January 21, 2016: Second Day of Intense Liesl School

Luciana and I were actually awake at eight this morning!  Luciana got up to use the bathroom and then went down to the living room.  I went to the office and did some writing.  She fell asleep on the couch by the time that I had checked in on her.  So adorable.  Dominica slept in until around nine and Liesl until at least ten.

While Luciana and Liesl were sleeping and Dominica was taking some quiet time to read I got in a little video game time doing my daily Hexcells Unlimited and then playing a mission on Saints Row 2.  I had forgotten how much I enjoy that game.  I really want to finish it up because I have heard that Saints Row 3 is really amazing and a huge step above its predecessor but I do not want to start it until I have completed the one before it.

Luciana asked and asked to play The Sims 3 so I went back to writing and let her play for an hour or two.

Liesl is having another full day of school today.  She was awake, had breakfast and straight to her school work.  And it was another day of big time success, too.  She was happy and super productive and just went from subject to subject doing projects and learning all kinds of stuff.  They have done a lot of history focus because we are hoping that we might be able to pull off a trip to the ruins at Knossos this weekend.  It is less than a two hour drive so not bad at all.  But we would need to wake up and actually get moving to be able to pull it off.  Not easy for us these days.

One of the neighbours stopped by this evening just to drop off some of their own sheep’s milk that they get from the sheep next to our house!  People here are so nice and we have never had sheep’s milk so this is very interesting.  There are lots of sheep and goats on Crete but we have not seen a single cow, yet.

Ours days have felt so short ever since getting to Greece.  It feels like we are just getting started on the day and it is already midnight.  The time flies by ridiculously quickly.

Dominica and the girls played more of The Sims 3 today and I got in a little of the puzzle game Quell before going to bed myself.