January 28, 2016: Dominica Sprains Her Ankle Again

Today started out awesomely.  It was bright and sunny and we all managed to get up at a great time in the morning.  No late sleeping in for us.

The phone rang around nine thirty so that the car rental company could talk to us to arrange fixing the car.  They said that they would arrive in about half an hour so I got up and got dressed and did a little checking of the news online before they arrived.

I had to go out and walked them up the street to find the car.  It is impossible to describe where things are here as there are no street names or anything of the sort.

They brought three people with them to get the car!  They jumped it and then drove it down to the city so that they could change out the battery for us, just in case.  They had it for about an hour and a half before bringing it back for us.

It was a good start to the day.  Great sun, warm weather, the car was fixed, I was getting good writing done.  Dominica and I even, for the very first time since we have been on Crete, went out onto the terrace with our bread and oil and just relaxed up there enjoying the warm sun and seeing the sea on one side and the snow capped mountains on the other. It was glorious.

Then Dominica and I went for a quick walk down to the corner store to grab a few quick groceries when disaster struck: the vicious German shepard that lives on the side of the road by the church lunged at her as we walked by.  She knew that he was there but was not paying attention.  He is, of course, behind a study metal fence and had no means of getting to her whatsoever, but he startles her pretty significantly.  It was just enough that she stepped away from him without looking and twisted her ankle on some uneven asphalt and came down hard on the road.  Hard enough that she scraped about four square inches of her left knee and was bleeding.  But that wasn’t important, the terribly sprained ankle is the issue.  Same ankle that she came down on in Spain almost a year ago.  She lay in the street for a bit before we were able to hobble back up to the house.

This is probably a worse sprain that the one a year ago.  Dominica is in rough shape.  We set her up in the living room with her ankle elevated and iced.  It will be weeks before she can walk again.

I had a busy day of projects that was made far busier by needing to take care of everything that Dominica normally does for the girls during the day and needing to get stuff for Dominica a little bit as well.  We won’t be travelling tomorrow like we had planned, obviously.

Dominica spent the remainder of the day playing The Sims 3.  The girls both slept up in the master bedroom with me, but both, because they are the crazy sisters, decided to sleep on the floor together, so I got the bed completely to myself.


We are hopeful that Dominica will be improved tomorrow.  We will have no idea as to the state of her ankle until then.