January 29, 2016: Dominica Still Cannot Stand

I woke up at eight, but talked myself into staying in bed until more like ten.  I was the first one up but Dominica was up not long after me.  Her ankle is no better today, it is exactly the same as it was yesterday.  She can still not walk in any way and is laid up in the gaming room for the day.

Since Dominica is stuck with nothing to do but use the Steam system to play games we bought The Sims 3: Supernatural expansion for her (Liesl has been asking for it too) full price so that she would have tons of additional content to play while she is stuck in there.

It is a truly gorgeous day today.  As we have been so shut up for a month and since we cannot travel, I at least ran around and opened many of the windows and the back door so that we would have fresh air in the house.  Boy was that nice.

Dominica had to stay in bed all day.  My day was pretty busy and there was no way for me to concentrate on anything as I had to take care of the girls all day. We discovered a new source of games for them, Go Girl Games, or something like that.  Simple web games, but they love them.

Dominica spent the whole day playing The Sims 3.  She forgot to save, though, and a crash caused her to lose pretty much half of her day of gameplay.

I went to the grocery store this evening to get some supplies and then I walked down to the taverna to get dinner.  I was the only person getting dinner there, so the owner called his come to come cook and sent me home and delivered the food up to our house an hour later.  Greece is awesome.

We watched a little Keeping Up Appearances before I went and played games with the girls for an hour or two.