February 12, 2016: Dominica Walks to the Store

Nearly up to the last of my backlog of SGL posts.  Dominica’s ankle is definitely improving.  She was able to handle going to the grocery store and pharmacy yesterday, although I brought the car as close to the house as possible so her total walking was very minimal and almost all on totally flat, smooth ground.  This evening, for the first time since she twisted it, she walked down to the corner store with me which is downhill  and on uneven ground – the same walk that caused her to twist it in the first place.  It has been nearly a month since she has made it to our corner store, having been unable to go the time that we had last attempted it.

She did pretty well, it was a tough walk for her, but she made it.  So it looks like she is on a long road to recovery.

Luciana talked me into more Goat Simulator today.  She just loves it when we play that game together.

I wrote and posted all day.  Then this evening for family game night we played the fifth and penultimate episode of the Blue Toad Murder Files.  We did much better tonight and the girls had a lot of fun playing with us.

blue toad murder files
Ending of Episode Five of the Blue Toad Murder Files

After that Dominica and I played some Highrise Heroes again.  We tend to lose track of time when playing that.