February 13, 2016: A Long Queue for the Video Games

We all slept in a lot today.  I got up and wrote for about an hour and was just headed to the game room to play something, I had not decided what yet, when Liesl beat me to it my thirty seconds and she spent the afternoon playing The Sims 3.  So I went to my desk and wrote for about seven hours hoping that, at some point, the room would be free.

The girls and I played some reindeer catch today.  It’s become one of Ciana’s favourite activities.  They have both improved a lot and are getting far better at catching.

Luciana asked to play Goat Simulator tonight.  Boy am I getting tired of that game.  We have logged twenty seven hours on it!  But it is one of the few games that we can play together.  She is actually quite good at it and does lots of the achievements on her own.

I played a tiny bit of Bookworm for a bit while we ate dinner.  Dominica and the girls were each watching their own shows so there was no family dinner, specifically.  Dominica made a corn and potato soup that was awesome tonight.  She and Liesl baked cheesy biscuits together, too.

The girls came in the game room after dinner and sat on the bed with me while I played Bookworm.

Then Dominica joined us and we played a little bit of Bookworm Adventures which is supposed to take place in ancient Greece, so it was perfect.

Then we played the last episode of the Blue Toad Murder Files and have finally finished that game.  We really enjoyed it and hope that they decide to make a second season of it, but it has been long enough since the original that that seems like it is not too likely.