February 15, 2016: Sick Little Luciana

Luciana got up sometime during the night and threw up.  She isn’t even five and she handles getting sick, going to the bathroom and cleaning up and doesn’t even ask anyone to help her.  She is such a trooper.  I didn’t even wake up!

It is President’s Day and Liesl knows that her cousins have the day off from school so with Luciana being sick we decided that she could have the day off too.

Luciana spent much of the day sleeping in the game room.  Liesl played a lot more of Castaway Paradise today now that she knows that she loves it and understands much of the game mechanics.  She did not progress nearly as quickly today as she did yesterday with me helping her but she did spend most of the day reading the words on the screen (the game has no spoken dialogue, everything is word bubbles) so that was very good for her.  She managed to do her first day in which she got all of her daily rewards since we understand how they work and she earned the big Fire Badge and was so excited about how well she did.  She also built the first bridge to another island.  This is really turning out to be a great game for her.

Luciana was sick all day and threw up one more time after having tried to keep down some toast.

The weather was truly amazing today.  So nice that when I got up I made Dominica come sit on the terrace with me for a while.  Liesl came up to and just ran around. It was bright sun and seventy degrees!  Our warmest, nicest day yet in Greece. Maybe winter is over here.  This will do wonders for reducing the mould problem.

Dominica spent the day watching the Gilmore Girls again.  I was busy posting and writing all day and never got a chance to watch anything or play anything all day.

I went to corner store for groceries as I do every day.  There have only been a few days for the past month and a half that I have not walked to the store at least once.  I’m sure that my average is at least once per day or higher.

Dominica made tortellini alfredo for dinner tonight.

Luciana went to bed very early, as did Dominica.  Liesl I got off to bed at two.  I went to bed myself around four.