February 16, 2016: Dominica is Sick Now

Luciana got up and was feeling rather a bit better today.  Dominica, however, was fully sick and slept until mid-afternoon, then came downstairs, sat in the chair in the living room and before long, slept for another six hours in the chair and then went to bed rather early, too.  She is very much not feeling well.

It was another truly gorgeous day.  So sad that no one is getting to enjoy it.  We have all of the windows open and fresh air in the house all day.  It feels great.  I really wish that there was time and ability to get out and explore the island.  Maybe we will get lucky and be able to later in the week.  But with the way that things have been going, that seems rather unlikely.

Liesl was happy to have the day off from school and used most of her day to play Castaway Paradise, again.  For the second day in a row she was able to earn all of her “dailies” and she is learning a lot of reading, logic, math and skills from the game, so I am pretty happy with the time spent.

Yesterday, having been the end of a long weekend that we took advantage of to deal with a sick family, today was a busy day for me trying to catch up while watching over the kids as Dominica was unavailable all day.  So I was super busy and never got a chance for any downtime at all.

I worked until three in the morning, Dominica having gone to bed long before them.  Luciana asked that I spend some time with her, so we went in the game room and I closed my eyes and sat with her as she played a new game that is perfect for her: Shu’s Garden.  She really liked it.  It’s just a cute, playful piece of art, no objectives or ways to get hurt.  You just play a handful of creatures in a garden that jump around and eat plants and plant seeds and stuff.  Then we played a few minutes of Ostrich Island, but she felt that that was a little boring.  Maybe if we figure it out more.

So off to bed just before four.