May 9, 2016: Overrun with Kids

It is Monday, back to “work” today.  Today our house was overrun with kids from the neighbourhood.  They came early, much earlier than they normally do.  We have no idea what was going on with the school today but it seems like maybe there was no school or it was a half day or something.  But we ended up having the kids from around town coming to the house for more than seven hours today!

It is starting to be a bit of a problem.  We cannot exactly schedule kids to be here when it is convenient and we do not have a good idea of the factors involved so that we do not know when they are likely to come or when they are going to leave and which ones are probably going to show up. There is a core group of girls that normally comes no matter what and we have learned to expect them.  But if they show up for an hour or for the entire day, we have no way to know.

So today was nearly a full interruption for the entire day and Liesl had almost no way to do any school today.  Both girls were very exhausted and wishing that kids would just go home as they had their own things that they wanted to do for much of the day.  Having no control over when people come to visit you is a bit tough for them.  But they did have a lot of fun getting to play most of the day.  Dominica does not handle the visitors well and was really exhausted by the end of the day.

Because it continued to rain for basically the entire day all of the kids were indoors for pretty much the whole day, too, which did little to help matters.  We have not seen too many kids for days because of the rain but apparently they have gotten to the point that they are going to go out regardless of all of the rain coming down.

This has been a lot of rain.  Hard to believe that it has been most of a week with little to no real break in the rain.  It is causing problems with Dominica’s laundry schedule as there is no way to dry anything.