May 8, 2016: Waylaid Buying Milk

Today is Sunday and Mother’s Day.  Dominica was up first, her internal clock rarely lets her schedule shift at all.  The girls had stayed up to wish her a Happy Mother’s Day at midnight before going to bed and then had stayed up to work on Mother’s Day cards for her.  So they, and I, slept in this morning.

It is another raining day here in Transylvania.  Our time of sun appears to be over.  Suddenly we have gone from never seeing rain to seeing nothing but rain.  Three whole days of rain!

Just a lazy day around the house for us.  I did some work in the kitchen.  Dominica attempted to have the day off as much as possible.

This evening, at eight, I went over to buy milk as we do about every other day.  This time neither of the girls wanted to go over with me, which is unusual.  Because I was alone I got roped in to drinking with the farmer. He started pouring wine and put on the television then some locals showed up and it turned into several hours of drinking with the locals from around the village.  There is no cell service in the village because of the hills so that is always a bit of a challenge because there is no way to communicate back to home when I am out.  I had run the milk back to the house to let Dominica know where I was but was unable to talk with her while I was out.

I was pretty exhausted by the time that I got home, even though it was before eleven.