August 11, 2016: Seeing the Old Texas House Again

Thursday.  This evening I am going to drive up to Dallas to visit friends there, check out the old house and see what is going on.  Rachel and Shawn have been living at the house since we saw them last year in Europe but none of us have seen the house for three years!

This evening I went and got the Spark inspected so that I can register it in Texas again.  That’s a huge ongoing challenge for us due to how Texas handles car inspection and registration.  Today is my first time driving the Green car since December so I had no requirement to inspect or register it yet since we were out of the country and state.  But now that I need to move it, it needs to be inspected.  It needed an oil change anyway, so that wasn’t so bad.

So I wrote and posted all day.  We ran some errands and kept ourselves busy.  We got the car all ready but I didn’t end up leaving League City until eight in the evening because Dominica kept making me stay for something later and later and didn’t make dinner until very late.  So it was many hours after I intended to leave that I managed to actually get out onto the road.

It was dark by the time that I left League City, it is a long drive to Dallas.  I made good time, though, even in the little green Spark, as there wasn’t all that much traffic.  So I sped right along and did okay.

When I was going through the Woodlands, Chris texted me to let me know that he was at the house hanging out with Rachel.  I guess he had been assuming that I would be up there much earlier than I am going to be.

It was around one in the morning when I got to the house.  Getting through Dallas was tough as I don’t have Toll Tags any longer and the roads have changed a lot and I just don’t know my way around well any more.  It has been just a few weeks why of three years since I have been in Dallas!  Totally crazy.

It felt so weird getting back into town.  I’ve not been in the area and can barely remember the streets around my own house.  So weird.  I even made a few wrong turns in the winding streets around the house.

Shawn was still awake having just gotten home from work at Cafe Brazil and let me in and made sure that I was all set up with what I needed and got the air conditioning vent opened up for me in the guest bedroom (Liesl’s room) so that it would not be so hot.  There is a bed and everything for me ready to go.  So straight to sleep for me.

It’s been over a year since I’ve seen Shawn, I last saw him (and Rachel) in Spain up in Jaen just before we left to head off to Norway and they were preparing to go to Barcelona.