August 24, 2016: Taking the Storage Unit to Dallas

Today is the “moving day” for us, moving our stuff from our storage unit in Houston up to the house in Dallas.  I spent the morning working on writing and posting, as usual.  Then had my call at twelve thirty.  From there we ran up to Hobby and Dominica dropped me off to go pick up the minivan that we rented from Enterprise.  We got a red one this time.

I drove back to the storage unit while Dominica and the girls went home and I emptied the entire storage unit into the minivan.  It fit just about perfectly.  It was super hot and I was terribly sweaty from doing that.  But it is done and I was able to go to the office and close out the unit so we don’t need to pay for it any longer.  That’s $30 per month that we don’t need to be spending there any more.  Not a huge deal, but it adds up and it covers the cost of the rental car long before the end of the year and will “make” money after that.  There were so many cockroaches in the storage unit, it was really nasty working in there and at least one giant one made it into the car but I was able to get it back out again, thank goodness.  That would have been just awful.

From there I drove back to the house and we loaded up more stuff from the house into the car. Several suitcases and some other stuff.  The van is very, very full.  Passenger seat all the way up, all seats laying down.  We could fit some more stuff but it is comfortably full.

I was off pretty much right away after showering.  It was early enough that I missed a bit of the rush hour traffic and that that I got caught in really was not all that bad.  I think that the fears of Houston rush hour are very much overblown.  It’s crappy on I45 to be sure, but it isn’t the end of the world to be in it or else so many people would not be in it.  Traffic slowed a lot but kept moving and most of the way things were moving quite well.  Far less traffic than I would have guessed that there would have been.

Once out of Houston I made good time through the emptiness of Texas.  It was getting dark when I get up to Dallas.  But it was not super late.  Rachel and I got a few hours to hang out before bed.