August 25, 2016: Dropping Off the Minivac

Thursday in Dallas.  Dominica was supposed to drive up to Dallas this morning but logistics in Houston made that not happen and then when she was finally able to leave Houston this afternoon a big storm hit and she was going to have to drive for hours in a storm so she bailed on that idea and decided to just hold off coming up to Dallas until tomorrow. At least tomorrow she will be able to leave first thing in the morning.

I got up this morning and had some time to write and post before needing to get the minivan all unloaded.  I unloaded the van into the garage by around noon and drove down to the airport to drop it off.  I waited there for a while and Rachel came from work and picked me up and we drove up to Joe’s Crab Shack on Route 35E and had lunch before she dropped me back at the house and returned to work.  She had thought that she was going to get off of work when we were done with lunch but ended up working until after six this evening.

So I had the afternoon and evening to myself at the house.  Some quiet time to get things done.  I have no car and won’t have one until Dominica arrives tomorrow.

This evening Rachel came home and made dinner and Shawn joined us late in the evening.