August 26, 2016: Dominica and the Girls Arrive in Dallas

Dominica managed to leave around ten this morning to do the drive up to Dallas.  She has the little green Spark loaded up with as much as she could fit and the girls with her.  It’s Friday so I had plenty to do this morning before she arrived.  I was up early and wrote and posted all morning.

At eleven twenty Shawn picked me up at the house and drove me down (because I have no car) to Mi Camina (or Fake Fernando’s as people here call it) on Route 12 where we met Rachel, Melanie and Natalie for lunch.  Same place that I had lunch with Rachel, Ashley and Melanie two weeks ago.  I had the fish tacos again, they are still quite good.

After lunch Shawn and I stopped by at a home automation and audio shop that is by appointment only near Trinity Mills and made some connections that I might need for getting the house set up in Carrollton.

I was only back at the house for maybe an hour before Dominica and the girls arrived.  We had maybe an hour before they were all hungry so we went up to the “new” Rockfish on Josey for dinner.  Dominica has been missing that place as much as I have. I am very happy to get to eat there again.

We got back to the house and ended up having a bit of a house party this evening.  Not a lot of people but some friends came by, including Melanie that Dominica has not yet met, and how out until around three thirty in the morning.  Melanie helped the girls build a big tent to sleep in in Luciana’s old room.  So I ended up sleeping in there with them tonight.