August 27, 2016: Sick Day

I woke up at six this morning and was way too warm as there is no air conditioning in Luciana’s old bedroom because the vent there is broken.  And I was sleeping in the tent with the girls so it was extra warm.  So I got up for a bit, used the bathroom, took a shower and felt a little better and went back to bed.

I might have slept for another two hours, it is hard to say, but I got super warm again and really felt sick this time.  Ended up being sick, just a little bit, all morning till maybe eleven.  After that I felt fine.

Dominica didn’t get up until closer to eleven.  She felt fine all morning but around two got even sicker than I had been and ended up basically going back to bed and staying there more or less all day.

So that was pretty much our entire day.  Even Rachel was a little sick, but was out shopping nearly all day as she prepared for the Miss Texas competition which is just next weekend.  She is down to the wire and still has a lot of outfits to prepare.

I started watching Friends tonight on Netflix.  I’ve seen the show now and then and probably saw the whole first season when it was new, maybe.  But I’ve never really sat down and watched the show even though I always liked it.  I was never in love with it but always enjoyed it.  So now I’m giving it a chance that it is on Netflix and I can actually watch it in order so that it makes more sense.

Dominica skipped dinner but I was feeling well enough to eat so had food delivered in from Panda Delite which turned out to be excellent.  I had the spicy orange shrimp and loved it.  Liesl got the chow mein, but they didn’t deliver chow mein but chop suey instead, as many American Chinese restaurants do, so she didn’t want any of that.  Luciana got sweet and sour shrimp and loved them.